Back-to-School Shopping Saturday at Sears

An exceptional way to begin the new 2015-16 school year! Overwhelming show of support from Kiwanians, Key Clubbers and friends at our Back-to-School Shopping Saturday at Sears! Key Clubbers from Paschal, Saginaw, Burleson, North Crowley and newly formed Trimble Tech clubs were present along with members from the Southwest and West Side Kiwanis clubs. Kudos to Diamond Hill Elementary staff for selecting the kids and coordinating transportation for those who attended. Also a shout-out to Sears-Hulen Mall for good prices and great service!

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Key Club is a volunteer organization for high school students that organizes and participates in fun community service.  These active clubs are supported by the Kiwanis Club of Fort Worth.

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Terrific Kids is a Kiwanis-sponsored program with a focus on goal setting. Students work with their teacher to establish goals to improve behavior, peer, relationships and schoolwork. The Kiwanis Club of Fort Worth supports this program.

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The Kiwanis Service Foundation provides funding for Kiwanis Club of Fort Worth and other charitable activities that help children in the community. If your organization has a relationship with the Kiwanis Club of Fort Worth or any other Kiwanis Club or organization such as Key club, Aktion club, ect., then the grant application below may help with your project.

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