About The Kiwanis Club of Fort Worth

Our club was charted January 6th, 1919.  Since that time the Kiwanis organization has grown where we are now part of a larger group in Division One of the Texas-Oklahoma District.  With the addition of a larger volunteer base the organization has had a much larger impact on solving the bigger problems that children of the world face.  We are thank for the many leaders over the decades that have made a difference in the children in our community.


 Our clubs theme for 2015 is "Reach Out". We hope you will join us in our quest to reach out to the community to help children in our area and around the world. Even a small effort on your part will make a difference in a child's life. When we reach out we are building a better future for all. Our club has several activities and programs to reach our goals. But like all good programs they need support from people. We invite you to become an active Kiwanis member to enjoy the interaction with others for a common good. During the journey you will meet interesting people at our meetings and learn about other worthy activities in our area. The Kiwanis members of downtown Fort Worth look forward to meeting you.

Benefits of Membership

The Fort Worth Kiwanis Club offers many benefits to members:

Camaraderie. The club’s meetings offer an opportunity to get to know other business and volunteer leaders in the Fort Worth area.

Community service. In addition to fundraising projects, the club encourages members to get involved in the community through hands-on activities, both as club members and as individuals. Education. Interesting programs seek to expand members’ awareness of current issues.

Leadership Development. Members are encouraged to develop leadership skills through serving on the Board of Directors and on committees.Members also have the opportunity to take advantage of regional and national Kiwanis materials and programs.

Support for Youth. The Fort Worth Kiwanis club works with area schools to encourage community service and leadership skills.